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Can I try it out once and see if I like it?

No, due to the learning curve and progressive nature of our unique system, it does not lend itself to this. But you can look at some video/written testimonials and see what they had to say about it. Train hard!

Will kettle bell training make me bulky?

No!  Training with kettle bells will lean you out. 

What are the advantages of small group training at Kettlebell Boxing?

The reason the Kettlebell Boxing system is superior to other gyms or workouts is our format. We run small (4-8 people) groups with two or three coaches. The programs last six weeks, and it is the same people in the group every session. This consistency and coach to student ratio  allows us to analyze and advance individuals systematically and efficiently, building each workout upon the last.

Persons who successfully complete a six week program at KBB can expect large measurable progress, both in fitness level and skill set.

How do the six week programs work?


Once a month we offer a 90 minute introductory seminar.  This serves as gateway into our program.  

Here you will learn fundamental kettle bell and boxing techniques necessary to participate in the upcoming training. As well, you will meet your coaches, counterparts, and be introduced to structure and flow of the program.   Upon completion of the intro. we asses your level and determine which group you will train with. Training commences the following week, and is held 3x/week for 60 minutes. There are a total of 18 practices per six week program.

When is practice?

Most of our boxing and fitness group training is done in the morning or early afternoon.  One on one training, custom group training,  and kettle bell seminar training is scheduled as needed. 

Can you teach me how do to kettle bells so that I can safely do them on my own at the gym or at my house?

Yes, we can!

I am new to boxing and kettle bells, can I participate?

Yes, you may. Our small groups and high coach to student ratio allows us to take all levels. You are only competing with your self.

I want to train, and so do some of my friends, but we can’t make the time slot that the groups meet in.  What can we do?

Talk to some of your buddies and give us a call. We can figure out when your group will train and if we need to add anyone.

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